New Jersey - Prudential Center, Newark

Prudential Center, Newark

Photos are of the April 10, 2010 hockey game between the home NJ Devils and "visiting" NY Islanders. It's not visiting if you can take the subway home (counting PATH as a subway line).

The brand new arena slowly fills in.

Whoa! Too many men on the ice?? Nope, just practice.

The Isles were racking up a ton of own goals and made goalie Martin Biron sad. (He's gone now - must have been really hurt.) Luckily, it's just practice.

Facing off against each other, then taking potshots at the other goalie, Dwayne Roloson. All part of practice.

How about too many pucks on the ice? There a penalty for that one? Not in practice! And on to the game.

Yeah, there was a game. This is all you get to see of it.

Frankly, the dancing T-shirt guy was much more interesting. He was wearing about 30 of them all told, from at least a dozen shirts as one would normally wear them to a babushka on his head, tied around his waist, dangling from his arms... and all given away by dancing!

Cheerleaders are also interesting, but sadly on the wrong side of the arena.

"Hey, stop arguing with me! Look at that fight!"

"Number 99's got it covered, let him handle it."

Hockey players get to fight until one of them goes down or they stop moving. At least 60 seconds into the fight, they're still on their feet and none the worse for wear.

"Hey, come on guys, we still have a game here. Can one of you actually win this thing?"

And after a solid 2-3 minutes or so, they finally just collapse on each other and start hugging it out. Real men aren't afraid to hug. Or sit 5 minutes to catch their breath.

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