New Jersey - Somerset Patriots

Somerset Patriots

On June 28, 2013, the independent Patriots played the Long Island Ducks. There were fireworks on and off the field.

The 1999 ballpark.

From left field to right field, before the regular crowd shuffles in.

Views from the field itself. Slider is... being interviewed?, and former manager Sparky Lyle is to his right. In 2013, he was still a team consultant and fan favorite as manager emeritus, but Brett Jodie had taken over. Far right in the last photo is Shane Spencer of Yankees fame.

I got my field privileges thanks to Bubbles, the mascot of local business The Learning Experience. That's because one of my site contributors is inside! Guess who.

Please do not the mascot.

The other mascot (gray) is Sparkee. You already know who he's named after. Bubbles and Slider were wrestling, but I think Sparkee's just dancing.

Bubbles throws out his first pitch, I get a baseball signed by Sparky and Shane, and then warmups happen. Ball not pictured.

The visiting Ducks take the field first, and former MLB star Josh Barfield leads off.

The Patriots' first pitch is framed by a rainbow.

Shane coaching third base and some more game action.

Between-innings shenanigans include musical inflatable chairs. The guy in the blue shirt won.

Insects love me.

No Sparky to be seen (I think he was just there for pregame), but Shane Spencer (#47) joins the players in celebrating a 4-2 win. Former major leaguers on the 2013 roster include Cory Aldridge, Jake Fox, Luis (Lou) Montanez, and Angel Sanchez.

Told you there were fireworks off the field.

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