New Jersey - Passaic


The east side of Main Avenue in downtown Passaic is mostly older buildings, between Passaic and Jefferson Streets.

A turreted flatiron building graces the west side of the street at Prospect Street. Behind it lurks the gracefully aging 1931 Bank Tower, an Art Deco masterpiece that has been unoccupied since 1990 but may soon be reopened as a medical building. A lot has gone into saving it, so it would be a shame to lose such an iconic tower.

Taking a break from Main Avenue for a moment, the Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church is on Monroe Street at 3rd Street.

The upper reaches of Main Avenue have interesting traces of older advertisements, but faded and often covered by newer ones. While I ought to be upset at the indignity suffered by these relics of yesteryear, it's also true that someday the newer ones will similarly fade and we will marvel at the audacious 2000s. The old Sears building is just outside the northern boundary of Passaic, back inside Clifton (which sandwiches Passaic like Pac-Man eating bonus fruit).

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