New Jersey - Mt. Holly

Mount Holly

Photos progress northward along High Street.

Diving in to the oldest building on this page, the 1796 Burlington County Courthouse. It's notable for having the date tattooed on top and encasing an older bell that range to signal the Declaration of Independence. It has an identical surrogate's office at front left and (pictured) an administration building, both from 1807.

Once you have law and order, you need a place for people who disobey it, so the 1811 prison is next door to the courthouse. It was the oldest operating prison in the USA when it closed in 1965 and is now a museum. It lasted that long because it was ahead of its time with individual cells and inbuilt ventilation, plus being made of stone instead of wood.

Why did the Alps cross the road? To take pictures of the other side. The first photo is #203 and #205 High Street, dating to 1884 and 1874 respectively. The next photos are of #217-219 (built 1865) and #225 (built 1809).

Back to the west side of the road for #208 through #230 High Street. I only have a date of 1852 for #220-222 (second house in the last photo), and I know that the farthest house visible was once Carslake's Dining Rooms. I can only guess that the others are also 19th-century.

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