New Jersey - Morris Co.

Morris County

Can't sleep, milk'll drink me. Can't eat, bread'll slice me. I'll just stay outside Trader Joe's and cry.

More normal signs, though old. I don't have any context to establish a location, but I took them the same day I went to Jockey Hollow (see below), so they can't be too far from Morristown.

People don't photograph the more subtle female blue jays often enough, says I.

People don't photograph old buildings and sunsets often enough - I mean, more often than female blue jays, but still not often enough. This is Madison's 1935 town hall/courthouse.

Going older, this is the 1867 Montville School on Taylortown Road.

Traipsing around Jockey Hollow, the historic winter encampment for George Washington's Continental Army. Envision hundreds of uniformed men milling about the empty field, sleeping in log cabins similar to the reproductions in the background. There are traces of old improvements from that era; I believe the third photo is a well.

The star of the hollow is the Wick House, built within a year or two of 1749. Also known as the Wick Hall due to its relative size in an era of tiny houses and its relatively expensive wood shingles/frame (instead of logs), it was commandeered by the Continental Army for winter quarters, particularly during the harsh winter of 1779-1780. It was taken in by Morris County in 1934 and restored to near-original condition as here.

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