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My website is not the only Alps franchise under construction.

The Devil's Tree is one of those Weird NJ sites that you know is just people telling tales to get mentioned in Weird NJ. But it is just ever so slightly eerie, especially all dead in an open field. Seek it yourself on Mountain Road east of Emerald Valley Lane in Basking Ridge, but don't seek it after sunset.

The former RCA Victor building, still referred to as such, on Delaware Avenue in Camden, is a reminder that Camden was once a viable city with an economy. The City School District Central Office is just to the north. The old "His Master's Voice" ad is done in stained glass on the tower, still mostly intact.

Sliding over to Collingswood on Haddon Avenue.

There are many old houses in Flemington, but I only have a photo of this one on Main Street near the railroad crossing.

Old car on parade in Livingston. It's here for the annual 4th of July car show.

Same street in Livingston, Livingston Avenue at Amelia Avenue. I'd cut off the bottom of the sign, but you really ought to know it's not as dirty as it seems.

Yogi Berra on parade. RIP.

Old car not on parade, a circa-1970 MGB at the Scottish Festival in Bonnie Brae.

The Bourse Building in Ocean City (8th Street) was never a bourse itself, just a commercial building named for someone.

Princeton, the university.

A traditional Russian Orthodox Church, named for both St. Peter and St. Paul, is on Whitehead Avenue in South River.

Nothing more traditional than the First Presbyterian Church in Springfield, which dates to 1745. Not the congregation. The building. Seventeen. Forty. Five.

By comparison, Hulshizer Mill in Stewartsville is actually modern, dating only to 1750 but looking the part.

The Winter Farmhouse on US Route 202 in Mahwah is positively a baby, at just 1844.

On that note, here are some hilltop homes and hillbottom stores from the 19th century, looking across the Delaware River from Easton Point to Phillipsburg.

From the WTF Department comes this ambulance. It's in situations like this that just maybe the jurisdiction should drop "Township" from its abbreviation. "You broke your ankle? WTF, Dude?"

Near Aunt Debbie's Buns on the Wildwood boardwalk, you will find the Boardwalk Chapel. In case you find religion on a roller coaster. Sorry, closed weekdays. And weekends, for the most part.

Where baby trucks come from.

Even at a deep discount, it's hard to move flip flips and clogs when they threaten your kids with indentity. Presonal, too, before they even have a chance to hear it coming. Worst of all, these kids are girls and boys, just like ours. Not goat kids or jokes, or any other synonym. Thanks for specifying. I'm flip flipping over how wrong this is.

Happy clowns. Happy eat-your-children clowns. Can't sleep. Clown'll eat me.

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