New Jersey - Little Falls

Little Falls, NJ

The Morris Canal crossed the Passaic River just downstream of the old falls that gave Little Falls its name. There are still some rapids, but an upstream modern dam has essentially killed Little Falls as a water formation. The Morris Canal arch bridge came down in the 1920s, which by my rough estimation is about the age of this pipe bridge directly in line with the canal.

An old pumping station is to the northeast of the pipe crossing.

Not even remotely related to Little Falls, this is just outfall from a water treatment plant that happens to flow over the cliffside.

Now I'm on Union Boulevard, looking downstream (east) toward the old falls. This is during flood season, so the river is considerably more voluminous than usual. Somewhere under there are a series of cascading rocks that used to build up to a short cliff.

Looking west at the modern dam and the roaring replacement falls. The stone pier seems to be a remnant of some old dam, or at least a walkway bridge, that was dismantled long ago.

Over in the southwest quadrant of the Union Boulevard bridge over the Passaic.

The next bridge north on Union Boulevard crosses Beattie Intake, which was between the Passaic River and the Morris Canal. The intake continues west from here to rejoin the river. The canal waymarking sign is at the northwest corner of this bridge.

This pathway leads around to Park Lane and follows the path of the Morris Canal. It may have been a road at some point after the old canal was filled in.

Breaking away from the falls, these are along the south side of Main Street at Paterson Avenue in downtown Little Falls, the township.

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