New Jersey - Lambertville


The 1874 Mt. Airy Presbyterian Church. Mount Airy is a small village in Lambertville and you have to really work to get there, turning off of US Route 202 onto the old road (NJ Route 179), then turning off yet again onto an even older road. It has one church and a couple of interesting houses.

Here's one of those interesting houses. #395 Mt. Airy-Harbourton Road (the latter settlement was named pre-war) dates to 1898.

The storehouse/tavern next to the church dates to 1743, erected by Samuel Holcombe.

Let's not hasten to call downtown Lambertville modern, though. These are the left and right sides looking south on Main Street from Bridge Street. The red brick building in the foreground dates to 1900 and the ones behind it are largely 19th-century.

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