New Jersey - Greenwich - Ye Greate St. S Side

Greenwich, NJ - South side of Ye Greate Street

All photos head "east," which is really southeast.

Based on the sign on the last house, I have two Richard Wood houses but 75 years apart (earlier for the latter house). Considering that there's no record of a Richard Wood being here in 1720 and the sign was removed a couple of years later, I assume the homeowner was misinformed.

The 1867 Captain Miller house and the 1874 Sheppard House.

Starting at the 1811 George Bacon (first postmaster) house, and ending at the only thing that's not a building on these pages. It's the Soldiers' Monument, and unlike almost any other war monument in the country, but befitting a town like Greenwich, it relates way back to the Revolution.

Two photos each of the east and south faces; the road is on the north side, for reference.

Pivoting around the west face and ending on the north face.

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