New Jersey - Greenwich - Ye Greate St. N Side

Greenwich, NJ - North side of Ye Greate Street

All photos head "east," which is really southeast.

I have informational signs for the first and fourth buildings, but not the last, which is the 1780 Jeremiah Harding house.

From the 1760 Dr. Ephraim Holmes house to another Harding house, this belonging to John and dating to 1785. Brothers?

Starting at the post office and ending at a house whose name I couldn't read, but it dates to 1893. That's modern by Greenwich standards.

The last building is the 1771 Friends Meeting House - Orthodox. The Orthodox appendage is necessary, because this came during a rift in the Quakers between the more upscale and traditional Orthodox and the more rural and folksy Hicksites.

Closing out with two photos each of three properties. I wonder if the first house is even inhabited.

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