New Jersey - Lakewood BlueClaws

Lakewood BlueClaws

Photos are from the June 29, 2013 game against the West Virginia Power, a shutout for the home team.

The approach to the 2001 stadium.

Left and center views, pregame.

I don't know why it took over an hour for me to get to photographing right field.

Buster (right) is the BlueClaws' mascot. Sparky is just there for First Responders Night.

There's a runner on 2nd base, so I clearly missed first pitch, but here's some 1st inning action.

Nothing says Jersey like a Taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich, so why not pit those ingredients against each other in a race? Why not race around the home team warming up between innings? (I think these generally happen mid-inning for that reason.)

Everyone's favorite disgusting race. Imagine having to throw around with eyeballs on base. Picture them taking second on a walk (4th photo) and attempting to score on a single (last photo).

As the sun disappears, so does my ability to take more photos.

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