New Hampshire - Orford


I find it interesting that so much attention is paid to just one house on the Ridge sign when there are clearly seven houses. Moreover, one of the houses predates the Wheeler House by a significant amount - in fact, it was built two wars prior. The Ridge is on the east side of NH Route 10.

Seven houses, seven photos, but there's a house missing and you'll soon find out why. In order: 1814-1816 Wheeler House, the similar and related 1817-1821 Rogers House, a missing third house (1805-1832 Wilcox House) that is simply not visible from a publicly accessible vantage point, 1773 Samuel Morey House ("the original"), 1838-1839 Willard House, 1822-1823 Hinckley House, 1825-1829 Howard House (2 photos, far and near).

A pair of older houses are across from the first two Ridge houses. I know the southern house (first two photos) dates to 1831.

Just because it's not a Ridge house doesn't mean it's not old. This is across from the Hinckley House, and the door sign dates it to 1805.

Today's my lucky day for old cars. The first appears to be a 1940 Plymouth coupe, give or take. The last is a mid-1930s Ford based on the greyhound hood ornament. That's the best I can do.

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