New Hampshire - Nashua


All photos were taken along Amherst Street, NH Route 101A.

The Amherst Street Fire Station was constructed in 1893 (reflected in the plates on the front) and remains in service.

This is the 1804 Abbot-Spalding House at Nashville and Abbott Streets. Spalding got a turnpike named after him, Abbot gets the street next to his house misspelled. How rude.

I'm going to jump to the First Congregational Church of Nashua so that I can come back to the most detailed feature on this page. It was constructed of Marlboro (NH) granite on the east side of Concord Street in 1893 and stands 118' tall to its tower.

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument is in the triangle between the Abbot-Spalding House and the church, built in 1889 to memorialize the Civil War. I shall break down the pieces for you:

Victory is at the top, holding an American shield and a laurel wreath. The actual shield of the USA is below her, one on each side of the statue. There are civil war weapons on the west side, a soldier on the south, and cavalry clothing and equipment on the east side. If you guessed that the Soldiers and Sailors Monument would also have a sailor, you win the photo on the north side I didn't take. Notice the engraved signature on the cavalry equipment, that of Beattie & Brooks, who were one of several contributors to the sculpted elements of this monument. Finally, each side has a different relief on the base. The south side is the Goddess of Liberty overseeing reconciliation between family, friends, and countrypeople on both sides of the war.

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