New Hampshire - Kensington


The interesting buildings are along Amesbury Road (NH Route 150), packed into the long block between Trundlebed Lane and Osgood Road.

The former grange hall for the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, a Christian meetinghouse until 1892.

Speaking of Christian meetinghouses on the west side of Amesbury Road, that's what the Union Meetinghouse was from 1840-1865. I wonder if the grange hall was built in 1865 to supplant it. In that year, this became the Universalist Church and stopped being shared among multiple denominations.

Town Hall is just next to the Union Meetinghouse.

Switching to the east side, this is across from the grange hall.

The Kensington Congregational Church is at the corner of Osgood Road.

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