New Hampshire - Hanover


Assorted old buildings on South Main Street, NH Route 10.

Two of these pigs are not like the others. Pigs and wolves were chosen for Hanover's 250th anniversary in 2011 because of a local artist who carved pigs and wolves for years and dressed them up for holidays. I kept reading, but stopped comprehending anything beyond that.

Bridging from downtown to the college that supports it, the Casque & Gauntlet senior society is based here at 1 South Main Street.

The landmark of Dartmouth's campus, the 1928 Baker Memorial Library.

To the right and in front, 1907 Webster Hall, originally an auditorium and concert hall for both college and community, but now... a library.

Speaking of libraries, both Reed and Wilson Halls started life as libraries. I swear I didn't do this intentionally. Reed Hall was built in 1840 and also served as a dorm for awhile. Wilson Hall now houses all film-related college functions.

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