New Hampshire - Concord


The buildings at the southeast (first photo) and southwest corners of Main Street and Pleasant Street, where all of Concord's downtown routes (US Routes 3 and 202, NH Route 9) come together.

Starting at Depot Street, I head north past Warren Street toward School Street.

Now a Mexican restaurant somehow, on Warren Street just west of Main Street.

This 1926 bank is still a bank, on the corner of Main Street and Capitol Street. Now that I've made it to Capitol Street, guess what comes next.

This is the... State House. Not Capitol, though that term does get used quite a bit.

John P. Hale, Congressman and Senator, Free Soil Party presidential nominee.

George Hamilton Perkins, and you can read the rest.

The 1892 Soldiers' Memorial Arch greets State House visitors from Main Street, as does good ol' Dan'l Webster just inside. The arch was originally intended to be dated with the three major wars (1776, 1861-5, 1812... but no durations on the outer two for some reason), but they would have taken up too much space.

The state library is across Park Street to the north of the State House.

23 Montgomery Street, looking east.

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