North Dakota - Williston

Williston area

Let's start in Williston proper. You can find the 35-foot giant wheat on the west side of Davidson Drive, next to Davidson Park. But you can't bake with it.

Leaving the city on US Route 85 southbound, looking left and right as I cross the Missouri River.

A couple of miles into McKenzie County, I come to this old Missouri River oxbow, more scenic than the modern river. Photos pan from east to west.

Lastly, I come to Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately, you can't find this anymore, but for a time he was on the corner of US Route 85 and 42 St. He was brought here by a real estate developer during the late 2000s oil boom, one of the giant heads salvaged from the closed Presidents Park in Lead, SD. Because why not advertise your new land with a giant President? That said, an RV park will only generate so much revenue, so as the 2010s went post-peak, the bust ultimately went bust. I hope he's doing better than the first Abraham Lincoln.

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