North Dakota - Fort Totten

Fort Totten

The entrance road passes behind the back side of Officers' Row, past the captain's, commanding officer's, 1st lieutenant's, and 2nd lieutenant's quarters. This is now all apparently part of Totten Trail Inn. You can live in the homes used by army elites from 1867-1890, later employee quarters and a girl's dorm when this was used as an industrial school for indoctrinating Native Americans into white culture from 1891-1959. Oh, and this was also a school for tuberculosis patients from 1935-1940. No worries, have a good night.

Before coming to Fort Totten, this period building is on the south side of the site. Barn? House? Both? Military or civilian? I have no answers, but my guess is it's related to the school. The historical preservation seems to have skipped this one, so unless the crack is repaired, it may not be here when you visit. Shame, as it would make a nice visitor center.

A panorama of the Central Parade, around which sit the 15-16 remaining buildings (it appears to depend on the company barracks being counted as one or two buildings). My photos start at the Adjutant's office, panning back across Officers' Row, to the chaplain's and surgeon's quarters and the chapel and hospital (later the school cafeteria). Hey, if they live together, may as well work together. The 4th photo brings us to the quartermaster's storehouse, after which I pan across the company barracks, the commissary (later school shop) in front of the company quarters in white (later the main school building), and end on the bakery.

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