North Dakota - Oliver Co.

Oliver County

You show those rocks who's boss! These are along Highway 25 west of Center, with the wind farm to the south.

There's more wind to the north, east of Highway 48.

Highway 48 enters the Missouri River valley and looks across to the bluffs on the north side.

Closeups of the northern rock formations.

Now turned east on Highway 200 Alternate, I'm looking south at the East Arroda Dam lake when I notice something in the background. It's that wind farm from Highway 48! Hello again.

Looking south from the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn (which is in McLean County), this is, yet again, that same Highway 48 wind farm (which is in Oliver County), to the left and right.

The south "wall" of the Missouri River is on the south side of Highway 200 Alternate as I head east to Washburn.

Looking west along the Missouri River on the west side of Washburn, right at the "Oliver County" sign.

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