North Dakota - Highway 1804

Highway 1804

All photos were taken heading south (or stopped).

Heading east from Garrison with Highway 37, there's a bit more Missouri River here than usual, thanks to 2013 spring floods.

Statues of buffalo at the Lewis and Clark Center in Washburn remind us how the white man cruelly hunted the natives' main source of meat to near-extinction for sport. The white ones appear to have some significance, but may just need a fresh coat of paint.

Dressed like white imperialists, Lewis and Clark meet Mandan Chief Sheheke. In exchange for Sheheke's gracious hosting, keeping the duo alive over the winter of 1804-1805, they invited him and his family to Washington, DC, while the U.S. Army plotted their inroads to eradicate the native populations and install their own.

A few minutes south from Washburn, about 6 miles after Highway 1804 leaves US Route 83, Horseshoe Butte is visible straight ahead across the Missouri River, with Stonehouse Butte (left) and Square Buttes (right) just to its east.

Another 5 minutes elapses, and as I look west, Square, Stonehouse, and Horseshoe Buttes are arranged very neatly, and other unnamed buttes are to their right in the second photo.

Both Square Buttes are visible in the first photo, while Stonehouse Butte hides most of Horseshoe Butte in the second photo. Apparently there's a wind farm somewhere back there that I didn't get to explore.

Beyond the buttes, panning from left to right as the Missouri River joins me.

Past Wogansport, the blurry shapes ahead of me resolve into tall hills or short buttes.

The river briefly departs, but it will come back because it likes me.

Looking south, then following the curve of the road to the southwest, looking to my right gives me a last view of the named buttes from before.

West, east, west, about 2 miles later.

Panning from south to northwest along the Missouri. See? It came back.

As the route prepares to leave the Missouri River north of Bismarck, I look back north over all we've traversed together.

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