North Dakota - Morton Co.

Morton County

Leaving Mandan on old US Route 10, now Business I-94.

Old US Route 10 transitions onto current County Route 139, from where I look south toward the Heart River coulee walls and then west beyond I-94 Exit 134. (I-94 was built north of here, at which point US Route 10 was moved onto it and then the number was "decommissioned" or removed west of their junction in Grand Forks.)

New Salem decided it wanted to be known for something, so it created a 38-foot tall, 50-foot long, 6-ton, world-record cow.

You can walk right up to Sue, marvel at her anatomical correctness, and give a little squeeze of your own. She won't mind, she's used to it.

Heading north from New Salem on Highway 31, with a wind farm (and a hill, and the afternoon sun) to the west.

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