North Dakota - Mandan


All photos were taken heading west on Main Street, former US Route 10 and now Business I-94.

The 1906 First National Bank is in the center of downtown, as Collins Avenue (now Highway 1806) is the boundary between "West" and "East" streets.

I don't have information on the first building, but the bank was the 1901 State Bank of Morton County.

This was built as the Hudson-Wynn Block in 1917, with the Elks on the 2nd floor.

The first building is the Pioneer Block. The second has no fancy name, but they were built together and in compatible styles in 1884.

The Lewis & Clark Hotel was built on the west edge of downtown in 1917.

Two for one, the 1928 Mandan Transfer Company building and, behind it, the less ornate but older Vinton Block from 1884.

The south side of the road has generally been railroad tracks with a few newer buildings, which were built in the locations of former rail sidings used by some of the companies on the north side. It therefore shouldn't surprise you that the only old building on the south side is rail-related: the 1910 Northern Pacific freight house and passenger depot, moved here after a fire took out the old freight house and they decided to relocate out of the Heart River floodplain.

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