North Dakota - Grand Forks

Grand Forks

This building on the south side of US Route 2, just across the Red River from Minnesota, is now known as Riverside Manor, but started life in 1907 as St. Michael's Hospital. The associated Nurses' Residence, the similar attached building in back, was built in 1913.

Born in 1919, this theater on the south side of Demers Avenue (Business US 2, the original main highway) survived just as many floods as the hospital, most notably the one in 1997.

The 1913 Masonic Lodge is on the southeast corner of Bruce Avenue and 5th Street.

You may be more interested in the similarly dated building on the northeast corner. Well, I am, because I love ornate courthouses.

The correctional center is tacked on the 5th Avenue side of the courthouse. I believe it dates to 1954.

From the Scales of Justice to the tops of the columns, all of the ornate courthouse goodness is contained in the upper third of the building.

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