North Carolina - US Route 52

US Route 52 and Pilot Mountain

All photos were taken heading north.

Various perspectives of the south face of the distinctive Pilot Mountain as I approach one minute at a time.

I'm finally close enough to capture details of the rocky pinnacle and its side slope.

The view looking southwest as the highway flies by.

Now on the new Interstate 74 bypass of Mount Airy (okay, not really US Route 52 anymore, but they more or less follow each other to Indianapolis), these photos are of Virginia. Fisher Peak, tallest on the left of the 1st photo and near center in the 2nd, is right on the state border and also marks the Surrey/Alleghany county line. Sams Knob is the slight rise in the right of the 2nd photo. Everything is part of the Blue Ridge.

Into Virginia on US Route 52
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