North Carolina - Raleigh


For now, at least I got a glimpse of the State Capitol from Fayetteville Street.

The Raleigh Furniture Company was definitely once on East Hargett Street, and definitely isn't anymore.

I'm expanding this page to "Raleigh area" to bring you the old Broadwell's on Poole Road in Knightdale. This early 20th-century building was used as a house for a long time and hopefully has either been fixed or torn down by the time you read this. Likely the latter.

Few things are creepier than an abandoned church, but a dead tree sure adds to it. This was the Oaky Grove (Methodist) Church at the east end of Mial Plantation Road in unincorporated Shotwell, built in 1876.

The NC State Fair is not a place to go when on a diet. In fact, this state in particular prides itself at deep-frying as many things as possible. Everything except the cheesecake is fried here, including Kool-Aid, pie, PB&J, and a donut. The donut was probably already fried in the first place, but now it's battered for your gastronomic destruction.

At least in 2011, the State Fair dressed its trash bins as clowns. Nothing creepy about sticking your hand in a clown's mouth so he can swallow your refuse. Nothing at all.

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