Montana - Kootenai Falls

Kootenai Falls

Here are the views downstream (west) and upstream (east) from the south side of the Kootenai Falls Suspension Bridge. The entire narrow canyon of turbulent flow appears to be collectively the "Falls," but this part of the Kootenai River is mostly rapids. Flagstaff Mountain rises to the right.

Looking farther downstream, then turning south toward the only convenient access to the Falls, US Route 2, along the base of Grambauer Mountain.

Midway between the bridge and what I'd argue are the true falls, looking west toward Kootenai Mountain and then north.

A panorama, interspersed with erosion closeups, at the bottom of the falls proper. There are a bunch of rocky islands, whose sizes and shapes depend on the waterflow. In May, the latter is quite high, so the former are lower and smaller. The low cliff is actually the south shore of the largest island in the river, and you can't see the northern channel behind it.

Taking a few steps closer to the falls, looking west and east. If you can make it out, the point of the large island is roughly top center in the first photo.

I close with this mystery bird. Hint: It's a violet-green sw_llow. Buy a vowel.

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