Mississippi - Vicksburg

See if you can adsorb some history by leaning on the computer screen while I put together some buildings I actually know something about.

The Old Courthouse, now a museum.

City Hall, County Jail (Warren). I'm guessing minimum security.

The Mississippi River Commission Building, dating to 1894. The Commission was and still is tasked with improving the river for better navigation and reduced flooding. Based on news reports, still plenty of work to do on the latter front.

First, the Yazoo and Mississippi River Valley Railroad station (which you may or may not be able to see if I didn't tell you), then the 1915 "BB Club" at Clay/Walnut Streets for the B'nai B'rith Hebrew literary society.

The railroad station brings me to Washington St., up a tall hill from the river. While Vicksburg is 100 feet above the river, at least looking south/uphill toward Marcus Furniture, Louisiana is completely flat on the other side for many miles, so that you can see the levee holding the Mississip' back until it disappears beyond the horizon. In fact, compared to the rest of that part of Louisiana, the levee seems like a small mountain dozens of feet tall. The Biedenharn Candy Co., on the east side of Washington St. as I face north, is historically notable:

It's a museum full of Coca-Cola memorabilia, which makes sense because it was the first location that Coke was commercially bottled. That's right, for many years of its existence, the omnipresent soda was only distributed directly to soda fountains and shops, not commercially available. It's a fantastic visit, well worth the cheap admission. Here in back of the building is a working soda fountain - part of the museum and not used to serve tourists, but every so often the staff lets it run a little to keep it in order. Over 100 years later, this still isn't a preserved museum artifact. And the 1950s clock on the wall, Things Go Better with Coke, still runs. Better indeed. Try drinking 100 year old Pepsi, for an unfair comparison.

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