Mississippi - Jackson


The State Capitol. By resembling the US Capitol, it does outdo the Old State Capitol, but only on the outside. (Don't just take my word, visit that page via the link at bottom.)

Statues, lions, and balls, oh my! (Probably balls of light, at night.)

Another impressive building, the 1924 Lamar Life, the first skyscraper in Mississippi. It features gargoyles.

The Great Seal of the State of Mississippi guards the entrance to the Governor's Mansion.

One thing I can say with certainty - this building does not house Standard Oil anymore.

Moving away from buildings, which probably ate up all the other public squares.

South of downtown on US 80, Battlefield Park preserves trenches from the Civil War, or down here, the War Between the States. This is what you see from the highway, long lumps on otherwise flat ground that were likely the berms in front of the trenches, made of the dug-out material and providing a minimum of protection.

Looking right and left from the parking lot. There's no guide that says what's a trench and what's just a lump, but it's hard to think I could be missing anything else that might have ever been a trench.

This doesn't compare to the Winterville Mounds, but it's the most substantial hillock to be seen.

Panning from left to right at the edge of the parking lot. Come when it's muddy, bring a shovel, you might win yourself a piece of a Rebel or Yankee.

Old State Capitol

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