Mississippi - Aberdeen

All photos were taken heading north on State Highway 145, former US 45. Once a US highway bypasses a town, especially in the South and West, its heyday is over and many towns never leave that era. Aberdeen is certainly one of them. Pardon the lighting, it was dusk.

Welcome to the once-thriving business district in a town too deserted for a traffic signal. These storefronts wouldn't look out of place in the 1930s.

Commerce and Meridian, the middle of almost nothing. Meridian St. doesn't even have a state highway designation.

Things get more interesting on the west side of town (the "north" highway turns north later). The last building, to the right of city hall, is the Monroe County Chancery Building. That means Aberdeen is the county seat, which makes it the most happenin' place around. Think of what that means for the other communities.

At least the town has retained enough people to have more than one church, and the nicer houses on this side seem to be well maintained. So don't ask me what's wrong with the east side.

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