Minnesota - Duluth


Here's the 1928 City Hall, 1st Street at 4th Avenue. The people's laws define usages, ordain something, something something reverence and obedience, whatever. Boring.

This grand 1895 specimen is on the northwest corner of 1st Street and 3rd Avenue.

Looking south toward the buildings on the northwest and southwest corners of 1st Street at 2nd Avenue.

Lake Avenue at Superior Street, looking west and south. Duluth has some elements of Minneapolis here with the covered walkways between buildings, useful in the frigid winters of the northern plains.

You can paint (in water) with the Fountain of the Wind at Canal Park Drive and Buchanan Street, starting down the long, thin Minnesota Point. What is going on here? Fish shouldn't eject water from their fins. Men shouldn't be drowning... naked... no, really, what is going on here?

My last architectural photo heads a block west on Buchanan Street to Lake Avenue.

Looking north across the west edge of Lake Superior at Moose Mountain.

The Minnesota Point shoreline, north of the protected Superior Bay entry, features a couple of old anchors and a deck capstan, which was used to wind and secure the heaviest anchor chains. The capstan seen here is from the Samuel P. Ely schooner that sank at Two Harbors in 1896. The anchors are equally local.

The Duluth Ship Canal is so nice, they protected it twice. The northern entry is guarded by the Duluth North Pier Light, built in 1910, and the southern side (red roof) features the 1901 South Breakwater Outer Light. Fun fact: the Outer Light was given an electronic horn in 1968, but community opposition restored acoustic "diaphone" horns in 1995. Ironically, community opposition to the diaphone noise ended all auditory transmission 10 years later.

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge
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