Misc. - Sky/Sunrise/Sunset

Sky and sunrise/sunset

Looking westward at the sunset while flying from Boston to Norfolk.

An eastward sunset from Los Angeles to Newark.

Westward over the Rockies (second photo) toward Hawaii.

The sunrise heading back eastward. The reason the last photo looks darker is a change in aperture settings on my camera to capture the last colors of dawn.

All sorts of interesting colors at 9:30 PM in July as my plane follows the sun toward Grand Rapids. Photos 4-5 and 8-9 (of 11) are left/right pairs.

Back east from Grand Rapids at a similar time of evening.

Reticulated pink and purple sunset on Long Island.

With and without flash from
NJ 70.

Morning fog at dawn on I-80 in NJ.

Very red sunset, somewhere in Maryland or Delaware.

Heading west on the Northeast Corridor train tracks in Connecticut.

Remnants of dusk near Mountain Lake, PA.

Sunset from a farm along US 50 in Maryland.

Sunset west of Sanibel, FL, with Tampa in the background when I look south.

Waiting to take off from Tulsa International Airport, but the sun won't wait quite long enough for that.

I can tell you the last one is in Newark, NJ, looking east.

I can't tell you where this was, unfortunately.

See the sun set in Key West
and sunrise on the Newfoundland-Nova Scotia ferry
Sunset in the New Mexico desert (San Pedro Arroyo)
Sunset in Ventura County, California
Sunset in Essex County, New York
Sunrise over the Berkshires on the Mass. Pike

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