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And one baby.

The most cats in my house at any time - Jazzy left, Lovey center (just a guest), Maui right. The second photo proves Lovey didn't have staying power.

Each cat stars in its own photo. (Not his or her, they've been spayed or neutered.) Thanks to the camera, the two formerly male cats have green left eyes and yellow right eyes. (They're both really yellow.)

As much Jazzy as you can stand, gradually going from alert and playful to quiet and sleepy.

A Jazzy composition in two parts.

Maui just loves the camera. And trying to hide from you.

Native Kaua`i cats, obviously descended from transplanted pets, have made a decent living among the transplanted roosters on that island. The roosters are all over the other islands too, so maybe Kaua`i would be better called the Cat Island than the Rooster Island.

Key West has a different kind of native cat, Ernest Hemingway's 6-toed descendents. These are found around the Hemingway House and, by his will, have full run of the premises. They're tame by continual contact with humans and don't mind flashing a little kitty tongue if you flatter them.

The first photo of someone else's cat is the same one traded for the baby on top of the page. She didn't like Arianna, and well, wouldn't you make the same choice? Given such a cute baby, at least?

Shawn's other cat, the one who survived the transition, Ti-San.

Chelsea's kitten Shadow, who she claims is a royal pain but obviously the kitten knows better.

Contributor Kelly W.'s cat, Pumpkin. She was nearly 20 years old the last time I saw her. That's 120 in human years. You'd rest, too.

A more prolific contributor's cat, Adam Prince's Phoenix.

Carter and Tweek, Jeremy Lance's cats.

Sam's Kat.

Along those lines, CC Slater's Kat - Kathy. She seems to not mind attention.

A few of my cousin Dave's cats. Bitsy, the first one, seems to be saying, "What do you mean I'm not allowed here on the sink? Clearly every place in this house serves a cat-related function." The other two are Carpintero and Peaches.

The cats of road enthusiast Rob Sargent (Mr. Purrkins) and non-road enthusiast Aaron from Jersey City. I honestly don't know the guy at all, only met his cat.

This pretty kitty is Aurora, Anthony Costanzo's photogenic kitten.

Lauren's kitten Nimbus, not even 10 months old yet. Obviously a lot more active.

Another kitten, Cochise, who belonged to the ADP fraternity at MIT starting in 2001. He was a bit of a wildcat, but then again he lived among 50 rowdy men and their guests (and occasional partygoers).

They're coming to neuter me, I know it.

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