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Animals of Australia

Magpies are noted for two features: their striking plumage and their striking of humans with beaks and claws. They're very territorial. The first 3 photos are from Nowra and the angry bird at the end was in Neutral Bay, but they are found throughout the country.

Nicer and brighter-coloured birds, these are galahs in Sutton Forest.

Brush turkeys outside the Taronga Zoo (Sydney), and brighter versions outside Babinda, QLD. I did not go into the zoo, seeing as how most of the animals featured ended up in my sight at some other point.

Continuing the bird theme, here are mynas in Neutral Bay. Australian mynas have distinctive yellow eye bands and no -h.

A raven waits for the inbound train at Taringa Railway Station.

Australia's answer to the bald eagle, this is a kite in Basalt, QLD. Yes, I know, it's not shaped like one.

This is the fattest, ugliest, and probably happiest pigeon I've ever seen, in Melbourne.

A flock of wild cockatoos appears along Highway A8 east of Dunkeld, VIC, and then a pretty pair in Townsville, QLD. One of them is fresh off a kill and has bathed in the blood of whatever poor wombat, dingo, or Aborigine it has slaughtered. Okay, you give a better explanation.

The Geelong rain brought out this happy snail family. There were also some slugs, but these things aren't very photogenic without shells.

Hey, there's an animal we all recognize! Nope, that's a wallaby. The small stature and more rounded ears/snout give this away.

Now this is a kangaroo. They leap faster than you can photograph. This veritable joey was found on SR 63 in the back country of QLD.

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