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Figured I'd start the page with some beauty. I don't remember where I found the first butterfly. The second was in PA Dutch Country. Check out those lovely eyes.

My shirt attracts random beetles.

Not your garden-variety beetle. This stag beetle showed up in my window one night, but luckily didn't get into our house. He even got back out of the window safely. I'm pretty sure they're not native to New Jersey, so he must have escaped from someone's terrarium.

Some other strange insect trying to take over the house.

Something about living in NJ attracts large, gangly insects. This one never made it past my window. Click for closeup if you enjoy anguish.

This boxelder bug shared the road with me on the unbuilt Schuylkill Parkway.

A damselfly from Choptank, MD, and then dragonflies making more dragonflies.

Same order, different color, and then a larger-than-life fly in the bayous of Louisiana. I won't say actual size, but it's not magnified half as much as you think.

Another denizen of Louisiana, this little larva is a whole lot fuzzier from far away.

Another guy that goes from fuzzy to spiky as I zoom in. This one's from Wisconsin.

Millipedes are huge in Florida.

This page was significantly lacking praying mantises until now. This one's just praying to get down.

Slightly larger than life, but this isn't your ordinary house spider.

Neither is this. It's known as either a clown or ghost spider, and this brilliant specimen was seen in Key West. They're not really harmful to humans, but you wouldn't want to be a hapless moth.

Tiny but intricate.

Gigantic. Period. This guy's twice the size of the cricket (or grasshopper?) he's wrapping up in the second photo. He measures in inches, plural. If you want to avoid him and his brethren, watch the brush near the Delaware River along the PA/NY border.

Closing out the icky crawly things, this slug slimes its way along a Pennsylvania Dutch Country path.

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