Other misc. photos

Other misc. photos

Sky? No, water. This one still gets me.

Well, no wonder they couldn't stay opne.

NYC recently returned a bunch of merchandise, but I can tell you Cambridge and Boston can't seem to get enough HOBO.

Great idea for a vending machine. I wonder how they try to market to Italians...

On Garrison Rd., Fort Erie, ON. Wonder how many people get lost in the parking lot?

Old and weird.

Apparently, Satan drives Volkswagen. Guess he's a flower demon-child.

Sure don't look like whole midgets...

Now, plenty of people love their pasta, and that's fine. But me, I like a little extra meat in there. That's why I go for new Barilla Plus Elbows. It has that human taste I crave. Goes great with sweet crunchy midgets.

Made only from computer-grown ingredients.

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