Michigan - Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids

Not good for tourism.

I was on a brief fire hydrant kick at the time. Here's an old one.

Civil War monument (.org, if you want to find out about it) seen from Business US 131, the main road that proceeds to head north through downtown.

One of Alexander Calder's stabiles, the less well-known counterpart to a mobile that doesn't move. But he crafted it well enough so that it has the appearance of fluidity that approximates motion. This is why he's famous. A similar sculpture stood in front of the World Trade Center.

More angles of the sculpture considered an icon for the city.

It's such an icon that it was stylized into the city's seal that appears on its street signs, along with the river noted to have the Grand Rapids (the Grand River, imagine that).

Bonus suburban content at the corner of Chicago Dr. (old M-21) and Wilson Ave., Grandville. Chicago Dr. now becomes M-121 to the west.

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