Michigan - Mission Point Lighthouse

Mission Point Lighthouse

You can get most of the history of the Hesler (or Hessler) cabin from this sign. The rest is that although the cabin was built in 1855, the Hes(s)lers were illegally squatting on the land until first obtaining citizenship in 1859, then obtaining title to the previously vacant land in 1861. The house was only lived in a few more years before it transitioned to other uses that required less weather-worthiness.

Some sort of camouflaged, moth-like insect paid a visit. With wings furled, I have no hope of identifying it.

Mission Point Lighthouse, also known as Old Mission Lighthouse, served from 1870 to 1933, and now sits here in case you want to pay for a slightly better view. Pro tip: the lighthouse itself is the most scenic part of the site.

Panning from Leelanau Peninsula in the west across rocky Mission Point and Grand Traverse Bay to the mainland in the east. It's nice and all, but there are more scenic vantages in a state as water-bound as Michigan.

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