Michigan - Holland


City Hall at #270 South River Avenue was built in 1911.

The Park Theatre is just north of City Hall, and then the 1915 post office building - now Holland Museum - is on the other side of the road at 10th Street.

The Warm Friend Hotel and Tavern at #5 East 8th Street (now senior living) was built in 1925 to replace the previous hotel that burned. The history I read said that the town needed a hotel. Was there really only one that whole time?

The 1928 People's State Bank, #36-38 East 8th Street, in all its Art Deco glory and featuring cat faces. Meow. Next door at #44 is the 1929 DeVries and Dornbos building, later Steketee's Department Store. Those surnames come from the same place as this town's name, typical of southwestern Michigan.

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