Michigan - Heidelberg Project - Part 2

Heidelberg Project, Part 2

The front page has already told you about the project, so the captions will be quite sparse. Photos keep moving from left to right and back, sometimes up.

Something about this one scene on the left made me want to break it down into small pieces for details. A courtesy I did not extend to the numbers house. If your computer screen is the right width, the third and fourth photos are next to each other, and it's no coincidence that it looks like they belong that way.

Sometimes, it's just completely unclear what the artist's message is. God in a taxi and shoes. USA on a plane (maybe that one's a little clearer). New York on one of the God taxis, rubber hoses draped over the house, and of course, polka dots. It's definitely art, that much I can say.

Heidelberg Street ends at Mt. Elliott Street. On the left is the stuffed animal house. Most of them are bleached or dyed white, but some scattered animals remain in full color, which really gets in the way of any interpretation I had wanted to apply.

On the right is this plastic bottles and doors sculpture.

The houses across the street are replete with God and taxis, many of which are New York taxis. One house vouches that they do drop off bundles; thank goodness.

I turned left and continued on the next street to the north, the short Elba Place, with the same polka dots and other similar themes as the beginning of Heidelberg Street. (Well, really, the whole street had polka dots.) As much as I'm not a fan of the numbers house, I like the clock house.

Remember the dot house from Part 1? I'm looking left (south) through an empty lot at Heidelberg St. Most of the art is arranged that way, but I'm not completely devoid of any here on Elba Pl., as you've seen.

I appear to have arrived back at the stuffed animal house, but at least this is a different view; the other views had a lot less broken glass in them. And there was no animal attempting to escape out a window, brutally ripped from its paws. I'm not sure that was intended, because the other animals are all whole and there are still pins stuck in the wood. Hope some kid doesn't get permanent mental damage from his stolen Christmas gift.

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