Michigan - Heidelberg Project - Part 1

Heidelberg Project, Part 1

The front page has already told you about the project, so the captions will be quite sparse. Photos keep moving from left to right and back, sometimes up.

One of the themes I'd like to know more about is the constant mention of God. He's in the faces, on cars, on signs, all different places in the project. Clearly He is an overarching theme, which is appropriate, but I don't want to guess as to the artist's intention.

The two themes of faces and found art come together with these homemade tiki masks. The small text on the ironing board says, "Let's iron it out."

Of all the abandoned houses, even those with decapitated dolls and leering faces, this one spooks me the most. Then again, I wouldn't want to be in any of these at night. This is about where the photo on the front Heidelberg page was taken, so the street is every bit as freaky.

Despite the masses of dots everywhere, this is the only house that succumbed to them.

49 stars? I guess the missing state is made up for in the 17 stripes. Maybe I'm trying to read too much into symbolism that might not be there.

I'm gonna call this the OJ House. What is the association between OJ and a freakishly hideous mouse, though? I'm really glad this guy wasn't sitting on the numbers house.

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