Maine - York


Past the York Street Baptist Church as I head east toward York Square.

The First Parish Congregational Church isn't named after the town or street, but it's got location.

York Town Hall is just next door.

I believe this house to be part of the church property, since it's behind the church and its other outbuildings.

The Museum of Old York consists of several old buildings just off York Square.

This one is Old York Gaol.

Old York Historical Society is headquartered next to what is either an old church or other former community building.

The 1742 Emerson-Wilcox House.

The 1906 Civil War monument.

A 1930s Auburn. This one, you might not find when you visit.

What is now a bicycle store east of York Square started life in 1904 as a blacksmith's shop, which is quite late for such an enterprise. Helping make my point, it was reoriented toward auto repairs and sales from 1908 until 1999 when it gained its current use.

York Beach is a village within York, so named despite its overall paucity of what most people would consider beaches. There are plenty of rocks, though, plus a tidal pool or two, and that's enough for locals. This is Sohier Park at deliciously named Nubble Point. All of the rocks go underwater at high tide.

Looking south at part of Cape Neddick.

The point of Cape Neddick is called Nubble Island. It's a peninsula at low tide and an island at high tide, hence the pulley car for access. The 1879 lighthouse goes by both Cape Neddick and Nubble Light, but is there really a choice? Be a local and casually refer to The Nubble, but be cautious around children before doing so.

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