Maine - US 1

US Route 1

Less than ideal farming east of Orland, approaching Oak Hill Road (southbound).

This is what the sun was doing on 8/31/13.

Heading west through Ellsworth, from the 1938 Art Deco Grand Theatre (now "The Grand") past a similarly aged car to the 1887 Civil War monument.

Approaching Taunton Bay, I look northeast toward Schoodic Mountain, southeast at the water, and then zoom in on a lighthouse. But that's no lighthouse, that's a random tower built by a homeowner who likes lighthouses! Except it's gone as of 2019, because he never finished or maintained it.

Looking south at Preble Cove and Sullivan Harbor, both fed by Taunton Bay through Sullivan Falls. The ghostly visage behind the unnamed point that can be an island during high tide is Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

Judge this paint scheme in Milbridge.

Continuing north of Danforth to Longfellow Lake, just west of New Brunswick. US 1 is only designated a scenic highway while it runs through coastal towns with few views of the ocean. I think it's much more deserving of that designation once it gets up here in the hinterlands.

You can see another country from this farm.

Sunset arrives as I pull into Fort Kent. I'm quite far north but also far east in the Eastern Time Zone, so summer sunset's at about the same time here as anywhere else on the East Coast. Summer sunrise, on the other hand, is around 4 AM.

US Route 1 through Thomaston

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