Maryland - Baltimore - Wyman Pk.

Wyman Park, Baltimore

A little slice of heaven as seen from Art Museum Drive. There's a lot more to Wyman Park, which is broken by Johns Hopkins University but continues to the west and southwest and has more trees, trails, and fields. However, this little nook is the perfect urban park.

Entering the northern corner from Charles Street.

This little hut was a sort of visitors center, but doesn't look like it's been used for anything lately.

When I visited in April, the purple trees were in full bloom (I didn't get close enough to attempt to identify the species). This Impressionistic hillside is on the east side of the park along Charles Street.

Looking north from the center of the park, then toward Art Museum Drive to the west as two of the many dogs around the park (not prohibited by the white sign on the lamppost, as if they care) greet each other on the stone wall.

The southern corner of the park, tucked in behind the southern entrance so that the man playing his guitar on the bench has the perfect solitude without being isolated.

Entering the park from the southern entrance (West 29th Street at Wyman Park Drive), with more purple trees in sight.

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