Maryland - Williamsport


The west side of MD Route 63, Conococheague Street, heading north in downtown from Salisbury Street. I just want to type Conococheague a lot.

Now the east side of Conococheague Street.

Adjacent northwest corners along US Route 11, Potomac Street. The first one is at Conococheague Street where MD Route 68 begins, and the second is at Artizan Street where MD Route 63 ends up. The other street names in the town are all perfectly normal. Seriously. Main, Vermont, Salisbury, Sunset, Clifton, Springfield. Normal.

Artizan Street is the original Route 63 and road from the south, so it has old stuff on it as well. But it's not Conococheague.

Conococheague Street/MD Route 63 Roads photos
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