Maryland - Salisbury


Along the south side of West Main Street just east of Mill Street. Downtown begins here, but there aren't many storefronts to attract pedestrians. A lot of places are law offices or other appointment-only businesses.

The other side of West Main and looking east at a very nicely landscaped section of street, narrowed and made pedestrian-friendly. If only there were a reason for pedestrians to come here.

I made it to the other end of beautified West Main and am now heading east along the south side of East Main Street. The dividing line is, unsurprisingly, Division Street.

The eastern half of the old Wicomico County Court House is still an active courthouse. The county has two separate courthouses. This is the one for minor civil and misdemeanor cases, while the serious one is two blocks to the northeast.

The western half remains the old courthouse. I'm sure it still assists the newer half with some functions, because I couldn't find any information about it as a separate, historical structure.

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