Maryland - Easton


The original Quaker meeting house is not this matched set of buildings along Washington Street south of downtown, but a lower frame building behind them.

At the edge of downtown, here are the 1805 James Neall House and a building that has been either an auditorium or a church depending on who owns it.

The first four photos and last four photos each belong to one half of a connected pair of buildings just north of the churchitorium. The northern building (second half of photos) looks like it was once some sort of house of worship itself.

Coming into town from the east, MD Route 328 into Goldsborough Street. The old house is at Aurora Street.

Heading east on Goldsborough Street for a block from Washington Street.

The Talbot County Courthouse is on the west side of Washington Street between Goldsborough Street and Dover Street.

Washington Street continues north from there.

I haven't visited Dover Street yet, so let's start at 202 East Dover.

The 1801 Bullitt House is at 102 East Dover Street. The second photo looks west from there toward Washington Street a block away.

Some very interesting buildings on the left (south) side of that one block of Dover Street.

The right (north) side isn't done yet.

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