Maryland - Cumberland


I'll start at the north side of downtown where I came in on Bedford Street, until recently the main way into town from Pennsylvania. This is the 1848 Town Clock Church. Of course, that demands a closeup of the clock.

This building is at Polk Street, river-west and geographic-north of downtown.

The Bell Tower Building dates to 1875, but ironically the only modern part is the bell itself. The Chamber of Commerce's own history doesn't state whether there was a bell in the tower before 1991, so maybe it was the Empty Tower Building to start. It was built as a police station and later served as a fire department and a jail, possibly all at the same time.

I've made it to the Wills Creek waterfront along Mechanic Street.

All I know about this building is it dates to 1918 and, at least until recently, contains or contained the Department of Housing and Community Resources. And I'm heading back up Frederick Street.

City Hall is one building farther north and across the street.

The old Second National Bank, Liberty Street at Baltimore Street, still a bank of whatever it merged into this year (Susquehanna when I was there). It dates to the 1880s and was built by local architect Bruce Price, who later designed several buildings around New York City and the famous Château Frontenac in Québec City.

Across Wills Creek, Baltimore Street becomes Washington Street. The 1851 Emmanuel Episcopal Church is right there, and the Allegany County Courthouse lurks in the distance.

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