Maryland - Crisfield


Guess what Crisfield is known for. "Water towers" is a worthy but incorrect effort.

Buildings along the east side of West Main Street (MD Route 413) near 9th Street. The latter once housed dealers in clothing, boots & shoes, and furniture, and also hawked Wrigley's Spearmint gum.

West Main Street gets more interesting after it leaves Route 413, since that's where the old downtown is. Route 413 is on a new road leaving town to the northeast, while the older road came out of downtown this way (Old State Road) before curving northward.

A pair of churches bracket a temple, which is really just a church. The "temple" is at Somerset Avenue.

Before getting to the last church in the previous photo run, the old armory sits on the east edge of town where East Main Street turns into MD Route 380 and heads toward the end of the peninsula at Byrdtown.

Getting outside town a bit, the old brick house itself is east on Johnson Creek Road from MD Route 380.

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