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City Hall, seen from Fayette Street.

The War Memorial Building at 101 North Gay Street, constructed in 1921-25 and obviously for the Great War, the War to End All Wars with the hopelessly optimistic name. What's surprising is that this building won a design competition among architects, meaning all the other ones were even worse (by modern standards). Such was the style of the time. The horses are supposed to represent "the might of America crossing the sea", but they look like they just woke up from a Staunton chess set and don't want to move to e5. They're so lazy, they have fossils embedded (well, because they're made of limestone).

Another building with a military past, this is the namesake of Shot Tower Park, back on Fayette Street. Lead was heated at the top, then dropped, molten, into cooling water below, creating shot balls for cannons.

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.

Saint Lo Drive passes through Clifton Park, which used to be Lake Clifton, which is why there's an ancient valve house at the entrance. (Not a tiny castle.) The building at the end is Clifton Mansion.

Lake Clifton became a high school in 1962. The old Clifton Park High School, now "Harbor City High School" for an unknown reason, is on Harford Road, MD Route 147, just inside the park boundary to the southwest.

This had to be a theater once, right? Right? It's farther up Harford Road at Northern Parkway, hence the name "Northern Pharmacy."

Camden Yards, newish (1992) home of the Baltimore Orioles.

Inner Harbor.
The last group of photos heads north on Charles Street out of downtown Baltimore.

Basilica of the Assumption and First Unitarian Church.

Coming up to Mt. Vernon Square Park, where Charles Street splits to go around both sides - both one-way. I choose the right side and am rewarded with seemingly antebellum architecture.

The small monument to Lafayette sits in the shadow of the towering Washington Monument in the heart of the square. Behind them are the Washington Apartments.

Hard to call this a gift to Washington if he was dead by the time it was erected.

At the northeast corner of the square, Mt. Vernon Place United Church, looking splendid from afar and close.

Clearing the park for good, with Stafford Apartments on the left and looking back at the monument one last time.

One of many Penn Stations on the Northeast Corridor, followed by a building on North Ave. that's not a church and may very well have been some type of arcade. It also resembles a bathhouse but I don't believe there were any hot springs in Baltimore.
The Rotunda/Maryland Casualty Insurance Building
Wyman Park

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