Maryland - Princess Anne

Princess Anne

Anne's a popular lady. She gets the state capital named after her and still has enough cachet left over for another city. Actually, the capital is named after her second cousin twice removed, the earlier Queen Anne.

Starting on the north approach to town (Somerset Avenue, old US Route 13), here is the Manokin Presbyterian Church. Manokin is a bit to the southwest, but the church is here by the Manokin River.

A couple of the old buildings are named as I proceed south on Somerset Avenue. The last two photos are the old Washington Hotel and Independence Hall.

Old bank lives on as new bank.

I've turned onto Prince William Avenue to find the Somerset County Treasurer. Prince William was Princess Anne's son, so there's no conflict over the throne.

This old house is at Washington Street and Beckford Avenue.

Head north on Beckford Avenue, paralleling Somerset Avenue, to find the 1857 "Grey Eagle" police headquarters where the road turns onto Broad Street.

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